Rogue Builder Guide Waves 1-9

Rogue is by far the best to hold with, but it uses so many resources that it is hard to build your income with. That being said it is more for the experienced mines player. You can clear the entire game with rogue units easily, however they are not ideal mid battle units. 

Waves 1-9

Wave 1. Build a Beetle                                                                                  

Wave 2. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 3. Build Drani Mage                                                                           

Wave 4. Build Drani Mage                                                   

Wave 5. Keep build                                                                           

Wave 6. Build Bug Lord or Scarab                                                                

Wave 7. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 8. Build Drani Mage / Synd the Warlock or Wolf depending on resources             

Wave 9. Keep build