Ranged Builder Guide Waves 1-10

Ranged is considered by many to be one of the best builders there is. Arcane Voids can stack unupped and upped for +3 range total to non mechanical units. This makes this builder vital to winning mid battle in all scenarios. Also you start with at least 1 metal mine and who doesn't love metal mines?  However, without a farm it can be hard to manage throughout the game.

Waves 1-10

Wave 1. Build 2 Crack Elfes using Shift

Wave 2. Keep build, and save about 23 Gold

Wave 3. Build 1 more Crack Elf (see picture for placement)

Wave 4. Build Slith

Wave 5. Keep Build

Wave 6. Build Slith 

Wave 7. Keep build, if enemies send build Crack Elfes or a Beholder 

Wave 8. Build an Arcanevoid or Beholder

Wave 9. Keep build

Wave 10. Build a Slith or Beholder