Necromancer Builder Guide Waves 1-10

Necromancer is one of the coolest looking builders but unfortunately one of the most expensive. While easily able to hold some waves it has glaring weaknesses while trying to hold boss waves and larger monster waves. However it is a great builder to eco with as youre always guaranteed a subdolak mine and a farm and a high probability of getting double rares.  

Waves 1-10

Wave 1. Build Skeletal Serpent                                                                   

Wave 2. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 3. Keep build but zap acid ling                                                       

Wave 4. Build Flesh Beast                                                                           

Wave 5. Keep Build                                                                                       

Wave 6. Upgrade Flesh Beast                                                                    

Wave 7. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 8. Build Graderstuds                                                                         

Wave 9. Keep build 

Wave 10. Add a Fleshbeast