Melee Builder Guide Waves 1-10

Melee is great for holding while gaining income with starting farm or farms. However like combo, it is best to tech out of this race sooner than later. The units are great for tanking but provide little DPS and end game value. 

Waves 1-10

Wave 1. Upgraded Skeleton                                                                        

Wave 2. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 3. Build 1 normal Skeleton                   

Wave 4. Make Skeleton Mage, if no mana make an Ogre   

Wave 5. Keep Build                                                                                       

Wave 6. Make Fungal Monster                                                                   

Wave 7. Keep Build                                                                                       

Wave 8. If no Skeleton Mage, upgrade Ogre. If you have the mage make an Ogre.                                                                                               

Wave 9. Keep build

Wave 10. Add 1-2 Marines to your build and start teching towards units with more DPS.