Mechanical Builder Guide Waves 1-10

Ever since the Billy nerf Mech just hasn't been the same. Although thoroughly weakened it is still consider one of the strongest if not the strongest race. A few well place Quetzel Fighters have the ability to stun the entire wave and lets not forget the massive AOE explosions from the Devastators. Too Cool!

Waves 1-10

Wave 1. Build a Billy                                                                                       

Wave 2. Build a Billy                                                                                      

Wave 3. Build a Billy                                                                                      

Wave 4. Build a Billy                                                                                     

Wave 5. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 6. Build a Spider                                                                                 

Wave 7. Build a Billy                                                                                      

Wave 8. Build a Spider                                                                                 

Wave 9. Keep build and zap the 2nd Droneling 

Wave 10. Build a Billy or Zippy