Magical Builder Guide Waves 1-10

The Magical builder is by far the easiest builder to play for beginners. Heck, two lines of Banshees can even stun lock dragon on wave 37. How easy is that? 

Waves 1-10

Wave 1. Build Mercyless(Only take 1 mine unless random!)               

Wave 2. Upgrade Mercyless                                                                        

Wave 3. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 4. Keep build                                                                                       

Wave 5. Keep build                                                                                        

Wave 6. Build Banshee                                                                                

Wave 7. Keep build                                                                                       

Wave 8. Build Faceless                                                                                 

Wave 9. Keep build 

Wave 10. Build a Beholder, if that is not possible add a Faceless