Mines and Magic Hall of fame

Congratulations Guys You Made It! (Retired Players Only)

Zolden: Our lord and savior, creator of Mines and Magic, he will forever be loved in the community. He also made a new game you can look up on Reddit and download. Its pretty cool!

<OGpiu>Longterm: An extremely skilled player, he also single handedly organized most of the tournaments for Mines and Magic. 

<IECO>Killah and <IECO>Killersatan: They took IECO to a new level after taking over leadership from <GGSLUT>CallYoMedic. At one point they had over 100 members in the clan. Also two extremely skilled players. RIP <IECO> Killah. We will miss you always.

<ICEO>TheDonald: Not a good player at all, but famous for creating the clan <ICEO> to mock the clan <IECO> just because he could. Officially the #1 troll in all of Mines and Magic history.