Mine and Magic Global Player Ranking

Best ranked EU and NA Players

These are the top players in both EU and NA . There are 6 tiers of ranking and they will change periodically. Inactive or retired players will not appear in these rankings. If you are unhappy with your spot you can challenge a higher tier player to a match. If you win report it to <1Tank>Joseph and he will change the ranking. 


Tier 1: <OGPiu> Nati,  <OGPiu> Deathangel, <MM1337> Asteria, <MM1337> Uberrushung,  <MG9001> Joseph,  <TIT4Ns> Grauzahn,  <1Tank> Qkn,  <1Tank> Fewal,  <1Tank> Panzerfahrer    


Tier 2: <1Tank>Synd,  <GGSLUT> CallYoMedic,  <OGPiu> Bakkaling, <AGROS>Jenkemranger, <OGPiu> Longterm, <OGPiu> Redstar,  Reborn,  Timmen

Tier 3:  <1Tank> Leonardo,  <OGPiu> Stups, <OGPiu> Zults, Supremacy (=llllllllllll ), <OGPiu> Creamy,  Zarathustra, <iNoob> Vare, <Hihu> Moridin, SadForYou

Tier 4:  <MG9001>Psycocrom , <GGSLUT>Cheese,  <IECO>Brob, <MG9001>Tatanka, <IECO>Irkbot, <MG9001>Bearcat, <T1T4U>Ninaheadshot,  Nyx, <MG9001>udonrock 

Tier 5: <MG9001>Bloah. <OGpiu>Paguk, <1TURBO>Andrew,   <MG9001>Seb , <DUPH>Zeromaxx, <DUPH>Kevmanx,  <1TURBO>Bucknasty, <MG9001>Andez, <T1Ts4U>Cap

 Tier 6:  <GGSLUT>YoungMawt(has hot wife), <Hihu>Pebbelz, <MG9001>tomatotron, , <Mafia7>bustycat, <MG9001>endalltorchez, <IN00B>Nimitz, NOS , <MG9001>Aerno, <Hihu>Mcnaughty, Azidblazer,